One thought on “supercgeek-Event”

  1. Anonymous feedback from group crit, 4/13/2017:

    Slow Motion Microscope images – film: Zea (canadian film board). Abstract porn. Showing something we know in a way we have never known it. Time – Muybridge. What is the relationship between sound and experience. Think about audio track.

    I think it would be very helpful to have captions on the videos that explain what we’re seeing: glitter dust, Febreeze bottle squirting, penny being frosted

    Love the work! It was mesmerizing… Sorry I laughed–it was Charlie’s comment that made me laugh. The work itself is fascinating. It is very artistic. The everyday objects transformed into something very magical in your piece. It was awesome. Great job~ – A

    Strong explanation and good background.

    I’m unsure what you mean by “artistic approach”

    I can’t believe how cohesive it felt. All of the experimentations were different objects but the video looked whole. It really has a specific feeling to it, very visceral. So interesting.

    I love how the lens looks a bit dirty because the footage has a really vintage feeling.
    ^True, but clean that sensor lol.^^^ +

    Really cool! I think you might want to take a stab at developing a microfocusing system. I can tell that the super shallow depth of field is hurting you

    What would help would be to label what we’re looking at in the video, maybe a subtitle or something…?

    I enjoy the freezing penny most…. Interesting to see that tiny frosting, the transition between states of matter, crazy surfaces

    EDM visuals
    Music video

    Abstract porn


    What unifies the subject matter beyond looking cool?++!

    Where are the crickets <<< !!!!!!! ++++ +++++++++ Very beautiful in terms of pure visual exploration : O I have no idea what I’m looking at and I fucking love it You are incapable of telling what you are looking at, which adds to the piece tremendously Music could be better+++ or no music at all Really small things at a high speed. Nice approach! Sound design idea- contact mic your workspace, the camera shutter etc- capture high bit rate audio to go alongside your captures + Charlie white is wrong electronic music is feelings.+ Electronica is the default content-free capitalism sound-track It depends but I feel that is way more true of guitar-music Zea documentary?? “Curiosity, repulsion and arousal” - Charlie 2017