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Assignment – 02 – Tweet

The idea of shipping data such as a selfie or tweet onto an asteroid which will not be touched by humans in even the distant future is both interesting and puzzling. Instant communication being used as long term storytelling…

Tweet WT found interesting

One tweet that I found interesting was shared by our very own Golan Levin. It’s a traffic light installation piece. The reason I find it very interesting is because the piece itself shows promise of being accessible to many people, considering it lies outside of a gallery context. I want to experiment more with public art in future assignments.

Fun traffic light installation / public artwork

— Golan Levin (@golan) September 3, 2014

Interesting tweet

So this tweet really caught my attention for a variety of reasons. It’s a really interesting existential question, first of all, and it brings up a lot of really interesting thoughts (at least to me) about how we as a human race would be completely different if we had something like this at our disposal. We’d either be a lot more careful or a lot more reckless.

The other main reason it caught my attention is because I follow the author of the tweet because she writes a webcomic I follow, and since I’m an aspiring webcomic creator I like insights into other comic artists’ though processes and ideas. This feels like a fantastic idea for a narrative of some kind, and that’s really interesting to me.

History in Tweets

So one of my favorite subjects ever is history. Everything I am and do is informed by my history and the history of the world around me and I just find it so fascinating. So, on that note I decided to share a post of one of the twitter accounts I follow called history in pictures. Honestly, prior to discovering this account I wasn’t a big fan of twitter, then I realized that it’s not really about following your friends or people you know, it’s about finding people who are interesting and have interesting things to say. After realizing that I found that I enjoyed it so much more.

What I love about this image is it’s just so simple and random. It’s a random image of a boy who lived in  1968, who may still be alive-I don’t know. I find images like this to be so compelling because they seem to capture their time period in some way. Pictures of people just being people, just decades before me, or centuries ago–in those cases drawing of ancient times served that purpose! You probably don’t find it as interesting as I do but I love this kind of stuff!It just makes me so much more aware of the time period that I’m living in, and the person I am now. Will this blog post still be online decades from now? Will people find this and wonder, who is that girl talking about that strange boy who existed once upon a time? All of these questions come to mind when I see images like this, concrete proof that there was something before now and that there will be something after, even when I’m not here to post about it. Take a minute and just think about that. Also look at that kid. He has a great sense of style.


I found twitter to be interestingly different from facebook. I have been begrudgingly trying not to use it for years due to the time I’ve seen people waste on it. This is the same reason I still don’t Reddit. However, I can see how it would be helpful to use it to receive only relevant news from relevant people. It is so far much more useful than my facebook wall which is filled with pictures of people who I barely knew in high school and all of their babies.

I found this tweet interesting because it has to do with the live streaming of CTFs which are large computer security hacking competitions. I think I might be interested in bringing computer security hacking and art hacking together.

Dumb Twitter

I don’t use twitter, really, nor have I ever felt inclined to. I don’t see it as lacking a purpose, however. I actually find it to be a very serious form of social media that proves to be more useful than Facebook in terms of how we spread information and how we prefer to customize our social media experience.
However I see twitter as very successful in terms of humour, and this new form of nonsensical or clever post-4chan internet humour (I’m giving it more credit than I should, and maybe I am even wrong to assume it could be called this).
With twitter there seems to be either this push for extreme seriousness in the spread of information, or this goal to be as amusing as possible. I like to compare this to Facebook, where Facebook is this supposed more “intimate” space where all your life junk can kind of be piled up and it is completely understandable. Random pictures and status updates and links, where Twitter feels more refined and simple, yet still inviting into a person’s life and formulated persona.
I appreciate Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig’s tweets, and his comments on the overlooked and everyday interactions with the internet.

Further into Twitter

Here is a tweet I found interesting. ­

This tweet caught my attention because it led to information stating that Studio Ghibli, run by Hayao Miyazaki, is creating a new work based on the life and times of an aviation engineer during the 1930s. While this may strike as being odd to some, I actually love reading about aviation history, particularly during that of its early years, and to hear that one of my favorite animation studios is making a film about it is music to my ears.