History in Tweets

So one of my favorite subjects ever is history. Everything I am and do is informed by my history and the history of the world around me and I just find it so fascinating. So, on that note I decided to share a post of one of the twitter accounts I follow called history in pictures. Honestly, prior to discovering this account I wasn’t a big fan of twitter, then I realized that it’s not really about following your friends or people you know, it’s about finding people who are interesting and have interesting things to say. After realizing that I found that I enjoyed it so much more.

What I love about this image is it’s just so simple and random. It’s a random image of a boy who lived in  1968, who may still be alive-I don’t know. I find images like this to be so compelling because they seem to capture their time period in some way. Pictures of people just being people, just decades before me, or centuries ago–in those cases drawing of ancient times served that purpose! You probably don’t find it as interesting as I do but I love this kind of stuff!It just makes me so much more aware of the time period that I’m living in, and the person I am now. Will this blog post still be online decades from now? Will people find this and wonder, who is that girl talking about that strange boy who existed once upon a time? All of these questions come to mind when I see images like this, concrete proof that there was something before now and that there will be something after, even when I’m not here to post about it. Take a minute and just think about that. Also look at that kid. He has a great sense of style.

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