Assignment 09

This small, three-part assignment is due Wednesday October 22.


  • Please read Jody Culkin’s Arduino! comic. Don’t be fooled by its simple format; although parts of this may seem rather elementary, there’s almost certainly something in there for everyone.
  • Please read Chapter 4 of Getting Started with Arduino, “Really Getting Started With Arduino”, pages 29-50.

09-LookingOutwards: Components.

Browse all of the Arduino-compatible sensors and shields available from the popular ‘maker’ vendors, Adafruit and Sparkfun. Find two components that you find interesting. (Hint: you may be purchasing one of them.) In a blog post, link to the component, include a photo/picture of it, and describe the possibilities — discuss why you find it interesting, and how someone (like you!) might be able to make use of it.

Pay special (but not exclusive) attention to:

Some suggestions:

  • If you don’t know what something is, like an “accelerometer”, Google it.
  • Pay special attention to components for which the vendor provides Arduino-ready code examples, schematics, and tutorials. For example, observe how AdaFruit provides diagrams and code for this accelerometer: Wiring & Code


Execute Circuit #9 on page 24 of the ARDX Kit book, the photo-resistor. Document your work thoroughly using the criteria discussed here:

  1. A blog post, properly categorized;
  2. A video demonstrating your project working, uploaded to YouTube, embedded in the blog post.
  3. A written narrative of 100-150 words, describing and evaluating your goals, process and result. (not required)
  4. A scan of your hand-drawn sketches (not required)
  5. A photograph of your finished project
  6. A Fritzing diagram of your circuit
  7. Your source code, embedded using the WP-Syntax WordPress plugin (for proper syntax-colored formatting)

The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice with Arduino, but also make sure you are completely familiar with how your projects should be documented.