Final Project

Final projects will be presented on the evening of Wednesday, December 3 in the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, room CFA-111.

At 7:00pm, two guest critics (Professor Eddy Man Kim from the School of Architecture, and Professor Rich Pell from the School of Art) will join us to view your presentations. Please show up early to class if your project involves a complicated setup. There will be some food.

Documentation of your final project is due Friday December 12th at Noon. Documentation is important! By now you’re used to our routine, but here is the (hopefully unsurprising) list of expected requirements:

  • Please make a blog post. Title it something like YourName-FinalProject or YourName-FinalProjectTitle and give it the Category, FinalProject.
  • Write about 150-200 words to describe your project. Be sure to mention (and if possible, link to or embed) any particularly important inspirations. (You might already have identified these in your previous LookingOutwards assignment.) Describe what you made, why you made it, a little about how you made it, and what you learned along the way. What’s your evaluation of your work? (What are your proud of? Bluntly, what are its shortcomings?)
  • Include some images (sketches and photos). If you built a complex system, include a diagram. (Hand-drawn can be ok!)
  • Embed a video.
  • Include code and (if applicable) Fritzing diagram.

It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with you this semester. You’ve all come a long way, and had a little fun (I hope). When you have a moment, please fill out the Faculty Course Evaluation. These make a real difference to me and the school!