Assignment 08

Looking Outwards: Physical Computing & Arduino.

For Monday October 20, please do a Looking Outwards assignment focused on how artists and designers are bridging the world of information with the physical world, through “physical computing”.

We are preparing for our upcoming work using microprocessors, sensors, actuators, and tangible computing in the arts and design. Around the world, the Arduino is the most common platform for doing this kind of work.

There are many sites which feature work created with Arduino. Peruse them. In a single blog post, please write 3 Looking Outwards entries for projects that you have found there. Try to choose diverse things. Try to choose things which provoke or surprise you — which make you feel something.  These will be mixed in among many (many) gizmos and tutorials.

Remember to categorize your blog post with the “Looking Outwards” Category. Below are some places to get started, though there are many others. (In addition to searching for Arduino, you can also try search terms like “physical computing”, “tangible interaction”, “wearable computing”, or “ubiquitous computing”).

Physical computing projects:

Arduino (specific) projects: