Lecture(s) 05: Arduino

This section of the site collects a series of lectures about Arduino, adapted in part from CMU’s new IDEATE course in Physical Computing.

Below is a reminder or clarification on expectations for assignments in this section of the course. (Here’s an example of a nicely documented assignment.) Each project should have:

  • A blog post, properly categorized;
  • A video demonstrating your project working, uploaded to YouTube, embedded in the blog post.
  • Furthermore, for projects requiring creative design (e.g. not just executing a tutorial), please also include in your blog post:
    1. A written narrative of 100-150 words, describing and evaluating your goals, process and results
    2. A scan of your hand-drawn sketches
    3. A photograph of your finished project
    4. A Fritzing diagram of your circuit
    5. Your source code, embedded using the WP-Syntax WordPress plugin (for proper syntax-colored formatting)


Text-based Readings:

Software you will need:

Code reference & samples: