Dumb Twitter

I don’t use twitter, really, nor have I ever felt inclined to. I don’t see it as lacking a purpose, however. I actually find it to be a very serious form of social media that proves to be more useful than Facebook in terms of how we spread information and how we prefer to customize our social media experience.
However I see twitter as very successful in terms of humour, and this new form of nonsensical or clever post-4chan internet humour (I’m giving it more credit than I should, and maybe I am even wrong to assume it could be called this).
With twitter there seems to be either this push for extreme seriousness in the spread of information, or this goal to be as amusing as possible. I like to compare this to Facebook, where Facebook is this supposed more “intimate” space where all your life junk can kind of be piled up and it is completely understandable. Random pictures and status updates and links, where Twitter feels more refined and simple, yet still inviting into a person’s life and formulated persona.
I appreciate Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig’s tweets, and his comments on the overlooked and everyday interactions with the internet.

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