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Gobelins Animation

This is a short produced by animation school Gobelins for the Annecy 2014 Film Festival. I’m a huge fan of the content that comes out of Gobelins, as every short has an immense amount of polish regardless of the subject matter. If you have the time, I heartily recommend checking out In Between, Le Royaume, Fenrir, and Un Conte.

Assignment-02-Tweet – Spencer Longo Beats Pill Essay –@YungRAR

The essay linked in Longo’s tweet is a nice exploration of the current systems by which branding and product placement operate in media. Specifically, how do products — encoding various symbologies but more importantly, normative (and collaborative) schemata for advertising — come to be embedded within media like music videos that are so widely seen. How does this embedment come about, which seems so uncanny yet neutral? Certainly the common view of music videos as trivial media objects or expressions of anti-conceptual ideology seems dubious. But what can we replace this with, if we can’t infiltrate the industry and see for ourselves how it operates? Longo’s essay tells us to look beyond our experiences of product placement and to the more current question of how our ontologies are affected and reflected by the seeming-contradictions of influence that arise in our heavily mediated and branding-laden lives. His conclusion resonates strongly with me:

Being cloud-based and fluid means that it’s not an issue whether you’re clutched in the palm of the hottest producers’ hand or jammed into the mouth of a second-tier cyber vixen, as you maintain autonomy by flattening association and context to the point where all scenarios are equal and valid, allowing one to view the field from the point of the infinite panopticon. You inhabit everything, or you inhabit nothing. Existing within the flow of culture means letting it take you where it wants. You are the passenger, so please don’t adjust the air conditioning.

Tweet Part 2

The Creators Project tweeted about these digitally-manipulated portraits, by Jon Jacobsen, that look like paintings! I guess after reading the article, I am left wondering about the process of creating these images. Did he add any outside patterns/colors or did he strictly take the information from the existing image? In other words did he only work from one image or several images? I guess the reason that I enjoyed this tweet the most was because it did not look digitally made, and that shows that technology has an endless aesthetic it just requires time and practice in order to tap into those other aesthetics.  This is the link they tweeted:

Assignment 2 : Twitter : Abyss of Semi-Anonymous Human Expression

Twitter exists in the area of cyberspace where personal accountability is optional. These environments allow users to spit out their unfiltered, unfettered streams of consciousness without any fear of standards or repercussions. An example of one of my favorite culprits:

This user, named wint (true identity unknown), has more than 125,000 followers. I enjoy his posts for their non-sequitur humor. I especially like this one for its virtual reality reference.

Further into Twitter

Exploring Twitter I found:


I like the look of the picture. You’d expect some post-apocalyptic fiction story to go with it, but it’s just a product for the quirky/nerdy/workaholic rich people of the 20s.


A statement that sounds like it is part of a commercial, but it relates to my goals as an artist, cheesiness aside.



@tinygreentrees (but dont judge me because i dont try like i used to with the beyonce pics)

I think these tweets are interesting because they are funny. They’re not informative or inspirational but I am entertained by them, which is a large part of Twitter for me.