Initially, I wanted to create a fairly traditional violin, where only the strings were essentially electronics. During the project discussion, however, it was pointed out to me that this had already been done — several times over. I was advised to make an instrument which was truly my own, and I have now done so:

Electric Violin Photo

Here are some electronic violins I considered using as a starting point.

Unfortunately, CMU students are overacheivers and someone got here first:   942745_513514998723665_1692590458_n They didn’t have LED lights in their acrylic violin, but it was too close to emulate.


Here was my first mockup. (You know how most people do drafts in their sketchbook? I couldn’t close mine after this one.)1474426_717771071574164_1198692958_n


Ta-dah! IMG_8966IMG_8983


This is my project to date. Thanks!


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    Digital things have huge environmental impact – there needs to backend to support these digital things . There is a great project out of the SVA about the environmental impact of digital things. I will find it later.

    FYI: 3 Swiss Francs = $3.34 USD
    You always present like you want to tell a story and you are interactive and fun, it’s a really good way to start all your presentations.

    Apps have a carbon footprint, too.

    Is it just your hand playing the strings? Could you have an electronic bow with an accelerometer in it too?

    There’s an ingenuity, but also an arrogance, to say that you could program a blob on your wrist to be a violin 🙂
    Funny glove, I’d like to see it work, it reminds me of the guest lecturer we had this semester (Laetitia Sonami:

    Even if the arduino and wires are exposed on the glove, it looks really cool (sci-fi) and seems like something people would actually want to wear.

    Should use a speaker instead of a piezo buzzer – better sound

    Imogen Heap did a really cool thing with gloves:

    I love the idea, especially since I used to be in band and was always self-conscious about my playing, so I had trouble trying to find a place to practice in private.<---i’d like one too, to mess around by myself without anyone else hearing seems like MaxMSP could be really helpful for synthesizing violin sounds (if there were more time to learn Max) +1 yes, with WiFi connection to a laptop. What is the musicality of your device, in your opinion? -- Ali from Ali: have pressure sensitivity for “strings”—dynamic range