Special Dates

In normal circumstances we will meet each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon until early December, 2013. Please note the following special dates:

  • Rich Pell lectures on bio-arts and tactical media, 5pm Tuesday September 10 in Kresge.
  • Heather Kelley lectures on game arts, 5pm Wednesday September 18 in the STUDIO.
  • Kurt Hentschlager has an exhibition opening on Friday September 27 at Wood Street.
  • The deadline for Frank-Ratchye Grants is 11:59pm on Friday, October 4.
  • A workshop on OpenFrameworks & RaspberryPi takes place October 11-13.
  • Laetitia Sonami lectures on electronic music, 5pm Tuesday November 5 in Kresge.

Daily Agenda

“A#” refers to one of our major Assignments; “LO#” refers to a “Looking Outwards” assignment.

T Aug-27  TBD. 
R Aug-29  TBD.
T Sep-03  TBD.
R Sep-05  TBD.
T Sep-10  TBD. 
R Sep-12  TBD.
T Sep-17  TBD.
R Sep-19  TBD.
T Sep-24  TBD.
R Sep-26  TBD.
T Oct-01  TBD.
R Oct-03  TBD.
T Oct-08  TBD.
R Oct-10  TBD.
T Oct-15  TBD.
R Oct-17  TBD.
T Oct-22  TBD.
R Oct-24  TBD.
T Oct-29  TBD.
R Oct-31  TBD.
T Nov-05  TBD.
R Nov-07  TBD.
T Nov-12  TBD.
R Nov-14  TBD.
T Nov-19  TBD.
R Nov-21  TBD.
T Nov-26  TBD.
R Nov-28  NO CLASS SESSION (Thanksgiving).
T Dec-03  TBD.
R Dec-05  TBD.

Course Calendar

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Other Calendars

In addition to our course calendar (above), you may also find the following calendars helpful: