Lecture 03: Sensing


Citizen Science” is an educational/political movement which enlists everyday people in conducting science — such as monitoring their environmental conditions. For example, it can take the form of distributed (read “crowdsourced”) DIY pollution monitoring. Many such projects take the form of sensors attached to one’s mobile phone, which transmit shared data to a central server.

Quantified Self” is a movement to incorporate sensors into and around our bodies, in order to better understand our biological patterns as individuals and as a species. The best-known initiatives take the form of commercial devices (“activity trackers“) such as the Nike Fuelband or Fitbit Force band that record our biometrics, but there are lots of quirky artworks and other investigations as well. For badassery, check Tim Cannon’s subdermal biometric device

& An assortment of various measurement projects by individuals:

  • Projects by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer: Zero Noon, Tape Recorders, Pulse.
  • Natalie Jeremijenko, One Tree(s) [video]
  • Projects by Osman Khan: Net Worth, When Laughter Trips…,
  • Projects by Matt Kenyon: IED, Spore, Cloud
  • Experiential Souvenirs by Bettina Nissen
  • FLOAT, an air-quality monitoring kite, by Xiaowei Wang & Deren Guler
  • iGeigie, DIY radiation monitor by RDTN
  • Artistic Content Detector by Arcangel Constantini
  •  Why The Lion Roars by Anri Sala measures temperature outside a theater. Each ° change prompts a cut to new film.
  • fluDoc, a device which shows the presence of Influenza virus using genetically engineered bioluminescent bacteria



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