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(PDF link)

– 14 LED 7-Segment Display
– 3V Coin Cell Battery

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  1. admin

    I think that you could spend more time working on the “UI” of the board, testing it out with people (like Golan said.)

    The core problems of this piece are not technical. They are (1) graphic design, (2) storytelling, (3) anthropology.

    social practice:
    check out: http://www.learningtoloveyoumore.com/
    check out: http://www.beforeidieiwantto.org/usa_nyc.html
    check out: kiss for piece http://iranwire.com/en/projects/3369

    soft circuits:
    you need this: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cartesianco/the-ex1-rapid-3d-printing-of-circuit-boards
    DIY conductive ink: google knows

    The aesthetic of your numbers is certainly beautiful and more appealing than your average seven segment. (Much rounder.) Does this makes it more appropriate than a seven segment would be in certain situations? Can you think of what any of these applications might be? Where might a person continue to want to use a seven segment and not a “higher resolution” display (i.e. ‘proper’ screen) ? Are seven segments becoming obsolete full stop? What does designing your own fancy seven segment say about that?

    Admire your efforts in creating your own 7 segment displays with smd leds but I think that it makes less sense to leave that behind as you have invested so much time into it.

    Lower cost, but possibly higher opportunity cost?

    The segments are really impressive and i think it depends on who you ask. I feel like it’s worthwhile to spend time making segments instead of paying 10 bucks whereas I’m sure others would want to buy it and use their time on something else.

    New design is much improved – the copper tape seems like a deliberate aspect of the design

    Or another way to display numbers if custom display is prohibitively difficult, scan QR code for example

    Even if this is just a stage of your project, the object you created has a lot of value as a precious handmade object, like antique woven basket

    Another question: electronics make this cool, but why does it need to be an electronic display? why not just make marks on paper? could it connect to other things?

    Telling the story is important. Maybe talk with Chloe about this (she’s got documentation skills.)

    I think aesthetically, even if you are trying to display the circuits, a darker paper would bring out the LED and other features of your project that compel someone to draw or press a button.