SensorDisplay: Public Donation Machine

The Public Donation Machine is a small device that is meant to be placed in a high-traffic public space. The machine controls how a large donation of money will be divided between two organizations.

The device lets the public vote on which organization will receive the most money. As people pass by The Public Donation Machine, they can move the slider to exactly the place that represents how much they support each organization. After thousands of people give their input, the money donated will represent an average amount for each cause that fairly represents the will of the population.


In theory this seems like it would work. But what would actually happen is, given a controversial enough issue (eg. pro life vs. pro-choice organization) and a large enough sum on money (one million dollars?), it would devolve from a fair voting system into a massive battle of fighting over the control of the device and long stretches of time guarding and defending the ‘territory’ of the surrounding area.

// This Arduino program reads two analog signals, 
// such as from two potentiometers, and transmits 
// the digitized values over serial communication. 
int sensorValue0 = 0;  // variable to store the value coming from the sensor
void setup() {
  Serial.begin(9600);  // initialize serial communications    
void loop() {
  // Read the value from the sensor(s):
  sensorValue0 = analogRead (A0);  // reads value from Analog input 0 
  Serial.print ("A"); 
  Serial.println (sensorValue0);  
  delay (50);   // wait a fraction of a second, to be polite

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