So the IFTTT recipe I made is one of a pair:

Recipe 1: If new photo by [my Instagram] is tagged #natdraws, then create a photo post on [my tumblr account].

Recipe 2: If new photo by [my Instagram] is tagged #natdraws, then post a tweet with the image to @Natroze [my twitter].

The intent was supposed to be that every time I Instagram a doodle or sketch that I’ve done, it gets cross-posted to my tumblr and twitter so I don’t have to waste time making three separate posts. I like its convenience, but in the case of tumblr I have to go in anyway and add more tags to the photo post, so it’s also kind of difficult.

My thoughts on all of this are pretty much that, while IFTTT is a really good idea, and I can see how it’s incredibly useful in some cases (for example, some of the recipes you can make will give you iOS alerts if the weather forecast changes). However, at least for my personal use, it lacks a lot of options that I’d like to implement in order to make my life easier. As far as my thoughts on the “Formula for Computer Art,” I like the concept of using computer art to demonstrate how computer art is made, but I feel like it’s kind of difficult to read due to the constant movement and the sideways panels, and the fact that it’s not easy to read makes it feel less productive and provocative than I think it’s intended to be.

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