The DC motor is a sneaky little object, and so I treated it as such.

DC Motor_bb

Here is the arduino code from the ARDX kit.

/*     -----------------------------------------------------------
 *     |  Arduino Experimentation Kit Example Code               |
 *     |  CIRC-03 .: Spin Motor Spin :. (Transistor and Motor)   |
 *     -----------------------------------------------------------
 * The Arduinos pins are great for driving LEDs however if you hook 
 * up something that requires more power you will quickly break them.
 * To control bigger items we need the help of a transistor. 
 * Here we will use a transistor to control a small toy motor

int motorPin = 9;  

void setup()
 pinMode(motorPin, OUTPUT); 

void loop()                     // run over and over again

void motorOnThenOff(){
  int onTime = 2500;  //the number of milliseconds for the motor to turn on for
  int offTime = 1000; //the number of milliseconds for the motor to turn off for
  digitalWrite(motorPin, HIGH); // turns the motor On
  delay(onTime);                // waits for onTime milliseconds
  digitalWrite(motorPin, LOW);  // turns the motor Off

delay(offTime); // waits for offTime milliseconds

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