Looking Outwards 02: Processing

I really like the idea behind this project because it combines the computer made aspect with real-time manipulation. This project uses the music of Dirty Freud to create a sound visualization which is then also affected by another musician Jean-Michel Rolland with a midi controller. The real time manipulation is what interests me the most about this project. Its a digital collaboration where one party doesn’t know they’re involved. Its like visual DJ-ing.


I was surprised by how much i enjoyed watching these sketches evolve despite the projects seeming simplicity. Very pretty.

I like this project because it takes something that already exists in a physical form, text, specifically from a book, and animates it digitally. I think it sort of missed an opportunity to do something ironic like use a really old text or use at least a more renowned book than fahrenheit 51, like maybe even the bible at least.

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