Instructional Drawing: Inactive Time

My instructional drawing was playing primarily with time spent not drawing. My subjects were given this set of instructions

  1. Acquire a Timer
  2. Start Timer
  3. Draw A Line
  4. Draw A Line
  5. Draw A Line
  6. Draw A Line
  7. Draw A Line
  8. Stop Timer
  9. Write Time Shown on Timer on Paper

While they performed these instructions, I timed the sum total of how long their pencil was in contact with the paper. I used their time and mine to calculate the total time spent not drawing, which I inserted into their drawings below their own times.


img003 img004


I was quite surprised by how much variance there was in timing, and how differently people approached the issue of being told to simply draw a line 5 times.  Some consider the lines as individuals, and these take longer than those who simply take them as a set to be swiftly finished.

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