Food, Art and Social Media

The concept of food in social media is one that most people are probably familiar with. Most of the times, when food appears on social media its a either in a facebook post detailing all the delicious food you will be eating, or have eaten, as seen in below.

However, when it comes to food, art and social media the bag is pretty mixed. Sure their are plenty of tumblrs detailing food, as far as I have searched, I haven’t found any artist who does what I want to do. However, I was inspired  the project Pentametron. Pentametron  uses twitter posts to make poetry. I just like the concept of a being that exists in the internet tweeting existential/funny things.  My, subtweeting subs, looks to tweet sassy things about other subs based off of real subtweets made by celebrities and individuals. Examples of such ‘subtweets’ include:

Kim Kardashian subtweeting Amber Rose


Meek Mill subtweeting Chris Brown


Adam Levine Subtweeting…Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga subtweeting adam levine subtweeting her

How it works.20141117_200254

I plan on creating a database of phrases to tweet and a database of types of subs, their weights and the restaurant chains that make them. I will then have the sub tweet a random set of phrases either to the company or just as a status update.


For my second idea it is based on a project I did for my EcoArt class. For that class I created a series of photographs called sexting fruit. Basically the premise for that was again, based off of a social phenomenon, ie, leaked sexts from celebrities. With that concept in mind a created a series of fruits in compromising positions and then released the images in some text messages. I feel that programing a computer to send the sexts via twitter will also go along with the social media angle of the project. It will use the same weigh–> tweet concept as my original concept except fruit will be weighed in this case instead of subs. I am leaning towards my original concept with the potential of actually combining these ideas (ie being able to tweet just words for the subs and images for the fruit) as another possibility.

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