Looking Outwards

Project That Inspired

This project was very inspring to me. The space is well thought out and perfect for encompassing this tiny world.

Dramatic lighting, sound, and characters make this piece seem layered in narratives and concepts. I also greatly appreciate the aesthetic of this project I love the weirdly clean but childlike taste in material. It still has a roughness to it, not everything is perfect, but all of the little mechanisms are tuned perfectly.


This piece by Felix Luque is comprised of 10 rhombic dodecahedrons that can be combined to create a tessellation of an infinite space. Watching the implementation of these devises was very to me, much more interesting than stills of the possible shapes you can create. The choices of colors in the materials for some reason seemed too heavy to me. The sounds that the system makes are most interesting to me and the patterns of flashing lights.



This video isn’t a piece, but a study of max/msp jitters. The visual images created hear have vast potential to me. The choices of color made by this artist are very interesting and to me these images look extremely unique. I will reference this video in the future for aesthetic choices.

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