My original idea was inspired by my looking outwards post, RUAH by Giulia Tomasello. Instead of emphasising the importance of diaphragmatic breathing, I wanted to explore the interaction between two people and flowers blooming. Like free hug that was once popular, I wanted to explore the interaction especially act of hugging between two people, since hug could potentially not only cheer up a person but also cure their sadness in their hearts. I would used motor and pressure sensor to make this project happen. I think I would mostly focus on making the motor open up the back of the clothing so that the inside could be revealed and work one making the flowers look as if they are alive and they are blooming more as the person was hugged more firmly and tightly.

My biggest step in this would be figuring out how to make the motor and the fabric work together to form something that would make it look naturally opening and look as if it was really something alive rather than something human made.


My idea came from the waves and how it would reflect the sky on to its surface. I wanted to create a simulated nature where there would be small reflective piece on each motor and as a group it would interact with human or show the simulated nature. I originally came up with the idea for the reflective piece as aluminium piece, glass, and acrylic but Golan also gave me an idea about using the dichroic glass and lighting.

My biggest step in this project would be figuring out how to show this with the lighting and the projection that might be projected on to the pieces. How it would be shattered and reflected both the lights and the projection and what effect it would cause the viewers is something to also think about.


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