Final Ideas


Both ideas utilize the same mechanism set up diagramed above.

Sound and Body

I got this idea when we were first learning how to use the sound coding software of Maxus.  I wanted to control the pitch and tone of a sound with the movement of my body. I want the sound to change when I bend my fingers and tilt my hand.  Therefore, I would require the a flex sensor and a tilt sensor from Adafruit.  For the sound one, I would only use one flex sensor to indicate volume and the tilt sensor to indicate pitch. As one would turn their palm upward, the pitch would lower and as the palm was turn downward, the pitch would become higher.  And, as the pointer finger flexed, the the volume would lower and as the finger relaxed the sound would become louder.

Color and Body

This idea is similar to the sound one except it would use Processing to create interesting visuals.  I would require three flexors one to control the red value, one the green value, and one the blue value.  The tilt sensor would then be used to control the tone.  As the fingers flexed, the values of RGB would decrease and as they relaxed the values would increase.  Therefore, a clenched fist would create black and a relaxed hand could create white.  The reason I came up with these ideas is because I am interested in creating an intimacy with a viewer and forcing them to move thus making the viewer more aware of their own control over their own physical actions.

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