Looking Outwards: Sensors and Shields

Adafruit Color Sensors

I found this particular sensor to be extremely exciting because I am really interested in color theory. One of the projects I was thinking of was a simple matching game when an individual would see a color on a screen, out of reach, and try and match that color exactly using an assortment of objects around them. I would also enjoy using this sensor for my own personal painting practice in order to discover interesting color combinations.




Flex Sensor 2.2

For this sensor, I thought it would be interesting in performance pieces. I really would enjoy being able to use the movements of my body to control sound and visuals. These would either have to be built into cloths or somehow hidden under makeup because I think it would be physically interesting to have someones face being able to control these elements as well and not just through a camera lens. I wounded how sensitive these sensors are.



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