Consequences of Implementation

4. The Critical Engineer looks beyond the ‘awe of implementation’ to determine methods of influence and their specific effects.

Tenet four of The Critical Engineering Manifesto denotes a time especially important during the formation of art.  To understand and engage in the dialogue of the work, and artist must anticipate its reaction among viewers. This is the way the artist progresses through his or her creative process: listening to the intentions, the decisions of execution, and the possibilities of impact of the work. The process is similar to testing code for bugs and tweaking its meat until it fulfills the desired or newly discovered purpose. I find this parallel process interesting. A programmer and an artist must be aware of the potential positive or negative effects of their creations on the world. Technology and art are open ended and their uses vary between users.  My uses for a cell phone are generally benign, though mobile phones can be used as spying devices or detonators; In this way the residue of one artwork could drive me to re-evaluate my life goals, but the same work could bring another peace of mind.

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