Sex Ed 60210

The two bathroom sign people start rolling into each other, and upon collision they form an explosion and their baby transcends above (gender of baby is randomly determined).

I found a wall with the 2 gendered bathroom signs close to each other, and this just popped into my head. However, the problem was, even though the signs were close together, they were not close enough, as the hallway I was in was too narrow to project correctly. In the end I decided to keep my idea, and instead I used a chalkboard to be projected onto, which I felt to be more fitting into the theme of education (albeit incorrectly). Because I was projecting directly onto a chalkboard with a classroom’s projector, I did not run into any Keystone issues.

In the end, I feel like the chalkboard turned out to be better than the original idea I had with the bathroom signs. I do feel that I cheated a little by modifying the environment before projection and if I can make this somehow more public and put it less under my control, it would be more fun.


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