Never Give Up

The creature collects bubbles into the bottom right corner. The user, by holding down the mouse button, can push the bubbles around and thus mess up the setup the creature made, who will then proceed to panic and stream in agony. Eventually the creature calms back down and continue its job.


I decided to use Box2D for this part of the assignment also. I also started off with crabs collecting fruits but found germ thing collecting bubbles to be cooler.

My project turned out to be similar to Swetha’s. I find that I spend more time looking at her project though, because I just really want the bird to succeed, so I just sat there waiting for the moment that will never come. On the other hand, I know my creature will succeed unless I bully it, so I just go back to mess with it every once in a while.

Also, I found out that if I increase the bubble count and restitution, the bubbles will become greatly accelerated and will start beating up the creature, who will march on despite the onslaught. I feel like a bad person.

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