The stone box outside of CFA has a cold.

I originally intended to give the protruding lecture hall on Wean Hall a cold, but this proved to be too much of a challenge to make functional with 8th Wall, so instead, I gave another protruding box with a more reasonable scale a cold. I was looking for objects around campus that suggested to me that they could be heads, and gave one such object a face. Given the weather we've been having recently, I thought this head might be a little cold, and so it might be a bit sick as a result.

The augmented reality app brings a personality to something that previously didn't have one. It turns an inanimate object that often goes unnoticed into a character.

The faces were drawn by hand, scanned, and then animated as textures on a plane with a script in Unity. The sneeze was done with a particle system that is triggered by the same animation script. The plane and the particle system are attached to the box using the photo recognition script in 8th Wall. I took a photo of the flat face of the box and used that as a photo for the script.