Clock Gallery

"Clocks" (visualizations of time) produced by students in Prof. Golan Levin's intromediate course, Electronic Media Studio: Interactivity and Computation (60-212), September 2018, in response to the posted assignment and lecture. The majority of students are sophomores in the CMU School of Art. Students developed these animations using p5.js (JavaScript), Processing (Java), or three.js (JavaScript). The GIFs below link to pages with more information and, in most cases, live embedded sketches.

Lass • 3D Tidal Clock
Yalbert • Particle Hourglass
Shuann • Ambient candlescape
Weirdie • Horologic critters
Airsun • Tick Notifications
Harsh • Verbal Approximation
Nannon • 3D Sphere Clock
Yuvian • Circular Subdivisions
Chaine • Drips in Buckets
Chromsan • Breakout Time
Casher • Polygonal Counter
Spoon • Eye Time
Breep • Actuarial Statistics
Chewy • Patterned Video
Rigatoni • Audiovisual Counters
Sapeck • Face-Avoiding Clock
Dinkolas • Face Part Clock
Ocannoli • Literature Time
Nixel • Graphic Hourglasss
Paukparl • Digit Collisions
Nerual • Bert-O-Clock Fingertime
Sepho • Perceptual Centroid Time