Automaton Gallery

Working in two-person teams, students in Professor Golan Levin's fall 2018 intromediate course, Electronic Media Studio: Interactivity and Computation (60-212) were invited to create an automaton using a provided kit of electronics, and other materials of their choice. Their automaton might be a robotic character, an absurd machine, an interactive sculpture with expressive mechanical movements, etc. Student projects included a working lollipop-licking machine; an interactive device to provide high-fives; and a variety of frightening provocations for Halloween.

The majority of the students in this course are sophomores in the Carnegie Mellon School of Art. For many students, this was their first exposure to Arduino microcontroller programming. To jumpstart their creative process, students visited the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse, a non-profit materials recycling center.

The images below link to more information about each project. Special thanks to Caroline Hermans and course teaching assistant, Charlotte Stiles.

60-212 Automata Projects, Fall 2018 from STUDIO for Creative Inquiry on Vimeo.