Top shot to display the gums

For this project, we created an automatic display that presents distinct gum and description pairs on a rotating base. Once the viewer approaches the machine, the belt located on the top of the white box will turn to display the next gum within the gum family. Simultaneously, the museum label facing the viewer will also turn to display the next story in association with the gum.

We really put a lot of thoughts into the development of the background stories for each gum, including their appearances, personalities, and background of how they ended up here in this gum collection. We also attempted to create an impactful contrast between the conventionally neat and clean museum display with gums, which people often associate with the opposite connotation.

Front Look
Process shot for inside structure
Process shot
Process shot

Here is the list of gums' stories. For each gum, we will personalize a story for them based on their shape, color, and brand. The first card gives a brief introduction of the gum family, which serves as a museum label introducing the artwork.