Resources for AR

Using touch to place and resize objects

If you want to be able to place your object in front of you by touching your screen & then resizing it with two fingers, use this script! It works by placing it on the thing you want to be able to move around!

(or you can point it to whatever you want it to move by dragging the sculpture/GameObject to the m_HitTransform public variable)

Here is the placing and resizing script:

Some Quick reminders

(all of these things are covered in the tutorial, but I have just listed some stuff here that I have noticed students struggle with)

  • The XR Surface controller should be on all AR objects for it to work.
    • Deform to surface is for floors (add the transparent XR Shadow material by going into the XR folder then materials and drag that onto the game object)
    • Lock to first surface this simply initiates the first location of the Game Object, this can be changed via scripting.
  • There is wall detection, but it is proving to be slower than plane detection. It might be easier to simply place the object using the aforementioned place script.
  • When the app first starts, the phone doesn't remember anything about its environment, so you may need to search around every time.
  • There is something like git for Unity, allows you to collaborate or work on the same project from multiple computers, look up Unity collab on google its a click of a button to get running.
  • XR remote is slow and glitchy, it is just for development, for better tracking and high-res build it to your phone! Your final piece should be built to your phone.

When you "build and run" it will open up xcode & you will need to set up your developer account:

  • go to "Window->Organizer" and then click on the tab "Energy" then it will prompt you to log in to create a personal team developer account.
  • Then back in xcode click "Unity-iPhone" in the left side panel, you will now go into another left side panel to "Unity-iPhone" under "Targets" it has a dark Unity logo next to it
  • Then go to signing dropdown menu and click "your name (Personal Team)"
  • Hit play!

It should work after that! Keep in mind that you have a limit to how many different apps you can build to your phone, so just keep building to the same app name if you don't want to run into that issue!

Check out this tutorial on image target detection:

Its a little laggy on xr remote.

In the tutorial its point you to their entire github to download the two scripts, I just put them inside the XR_cmuems folder i linked above, or you can get it here:

From 8th wall tutorial Class

8th wall Tutorial:

Go to:

  • Download 2 things:
    • Demo Project
    • 8th wall XR unity package (you need to be logged in)

Here are some resources to get 3D models:

  1. -  Usually used for 3d printing stuff
  2. - ripped assets
  3. - For professionals (most cost $$$)
  4. - vanilla! from dan and pussy krew
  5. - more realism, its for mechanical engineers
  6. - for sketchup (arch)
  7. - software for making 3d model