Nov 16


  • Calendar review.
  • Start installing things!
  • Book Chapters are due Saturday morning by 10am. Be sure to leave margins 🙂
  • We'll begin today with a fun AR exercise, #JustALine.
  • We'll see some inspirational AR projects.
  • Then Char* will introduce Unity and AR development, and show other stuff.
  • Over Thanksgiving break, you are asked to do (and document) 2 Unity tutorials.

More information:


Activity: #JustALine

Google's new Android/IOS app#JustALine, and its open-source Java code

AR: The Golden Calf

AR: Inspirations

AR: More Things to See

The MoMAR Group Show, "Hello, We're From the Internet", is an intervention exhibition in the Jackson Pollock room at MoMA. ( The artist group developed an unauthorized AR app that lets you interact with (i.e. see overlays on) Jackson Pollock's paintings.

You may have seen Zach Lieberman's Weird Type app for iOS, released over break:

  • ...It's probably worth having a conversation about Enter the Room by the International Red Cross. Oy.


Wackiki Wabbit (1943)

The Hungry Wolf (1941)



Changes in Scale (Claes Oldenburg)