I contained one of my collaborators in a cage. Created with ocannoli and the 60-212F18 TA.



The piece can be experienced in two ways: 1) one or more things or people stand within the bounds of the cage and the viewer moves around it, or 2) the viewer stands within the cage.


I started off by drawing things at human scale, and ended up drawing a human figure. I thought it would be fun to see my line drawing come to life. Each single-line drawing would be somehow automatically rigged, and start to walk around by itself. It would soon be a room full of such figures.


For the test project we chose to use the lines to visualize energy. In the first attempt rigatoni posed in a way that looked like he was pushing a large object. The lines illustrate force and motion. In the second attempt I added lines in front of a fan to illustrate the movement of the air.

In the full implementation the app would be able to detect moving objects in the static scene and draw in lines where there's a drastic movement. It would have to distinguish between camera movement and object movement because otherwise it would think that the room moving relative to the camera was a moving object in the room.


This project is a treasure hunt for stars in the CFA staircase. Follow the thread up and down to find your star - casher & harsh.

We imagine a world where buildings become spaces of intrique and mystery, ever changing, with all kinds of secrets and treasures hiden within. It's kind of like Hogwarts, except with a Wifi connection. This "star" treasure hunt could expand into other sorts of ideas, where we pull people in using threads into all kinds of different events and playscapes. Imagine a secret room filled with virtual pets you can play with.



The statues in CFA are missing parts. I wanted to give them their parts back. Many of these statues are missing arms, feat, or heads. I attempted to use justALine to prototype an app that would add these features back. Unfortunately, from the angle I could stand at, it was hard for justALine to recognize where I was actually trying to draw the shapes, so pieces ended up being in wildly incorrect places.


Snowscape, by Nixel and Nerual: An AR environment of suspended snowflakes, frozen mid-breeze.

This AR would be experienced as a peaceful walk through a snowscape frozen in time.  We originally contemplated making the project a first person shooter type experience by drawing brief and short lines in the app while walking backwards. However, we discovered that this instead created a winter-like environment of falling snow that mirrored our previous location, so we decided to go with that.