Placebo’s OpenProcessing Embed

Here is a "Banded Clock" by Golan Levin, hosted on at, and embedded here using an iFrame. (Note that the actual dimensions of this sketch are 600x200 pixels, but because I don't have an OpenProcessing "pro" account, I can't hide the OpenProcessing branding at the top, so I've added an additional 50 pixels of height to accommodate.)

Placebo’s First Post

Hello, I am Placebo, the 60-212 sock puppet. I have the same type of "Editor" account as the other students in our class. The professor uses me to test the WordPress experience for students.

Here's a clever animated GIF by Dave Whyte from BeesAndBombs. (Note that the GIF is embedded at its original resolution, because embedding it at a resized resolution wouldn't be animated!)

Here's a YouTube video of that time I visited Dan Shiffman's Coding Train. (Note that it was merely necessary for me to paste the URL of the YouTube video onto its own line in the WordPress site's Visual editor, and voilà! The video is embedded.)