Installation with boxes - Zimoun

The architect Zimoun creates "architecturally-minded platforms of sound." Repetition and the sum scale of the artwork plays a key role here. In many of his works, subtle movements of various transducers add up to create a whole environment. In all of them, the installation is big enough to immerse the audience into the experience and simply overwhelm them. The experience might not be so exquisite with the repetition of large movements. I think the small changes happening in your peripheral vision would play a very big role.

The part I really like about these box installations is that their movements are exceptionally subtle. Also, a kind of personality is invested to these boxes as they jostle and bump into each other. One of the first thought that went off in my mind was that the boxes resemble the crowd, and I like that it reminds me of the world we're living in. And the boxes seem somewhat symbolic of consumerism, which pervades the modern society. But the boxes overall seem strangely naive.

A big takeaway from this would be that you don't need the latest technology to come up with great art.