Sandbox - Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

These images are amplified by digital cinema projectors which create an animated topology over the beach, making tangible the power asymmetry inherent in technologies of amplification.

There are two sandboxes--one at the size of a small table and one big enough to fit a couple volleyball courts. For each sandbox, a camera and projector is installed from atop facing down. The image from each sandbox is projected onto the other either blown or shrunk out of scale. As a giant

There are three types of audience in this interactive art piece: (1) the giants, (2) the miniature people, and (3) outside spectators. Outside spectators initially see the other two interact from a distance, perhaps before deciding to join either side of the audience to experience the art piece. The gians and miniature people see each other as flat projections onto the sand, but as both sides grow to be aware of each other's presence, new interactions among them arise. Something about the blown up hands and shrunk human figures that is instantly engaging. I think we're generally very keen on seeing other people--it's what we do countless times everyday. So some very powerful twist to that reality like this could create a quite interesting experience.