AR Sculpture

A secret door in creepy hallways and hidden closets that leads to another dimension. (Recreation of door concept from Coraline)



When I was a kid I always wanted to have a door like in the movie Coraline (despite how creepy and scary that would be) so I wanted to attempt to create something that would allow anyone to have their own door to an alternate reality. The viewer would discover this door in areas like the end of a creepy hallway, in a spooky closet, or underneath your bed but doesn't open until you turn your back to it. The door is in these places in order to create a sense of unease which makes the idea of turning your back and having something happen even scarier. By having something activate by not looking at it, I wanted to play with the viewers curiosity/disinterest. Once the viewer turns away from the door twice, it fully reveals the random dimension behind the door (there are a variety of alternate reality textures it chooses at random).