This app is for however many people you want there to be, as it is an interactive drawing canvas. Simply click on the screen to shoot out paint balls the same color as you, press left/right to grow smaller/bigger, press q for "party mode" (anyone could toggle it on or off), and any other key to respawn with a different size/color.


The agario canvas is a drawing board that changes its brush quality according to the player itself.
Originally, I wanted to make an endless platformer of some sort with randomly generated holes--when a player crashes into the walls, they would explode and carve out this platformer for other people to get further. I tried creating this at first using the agario template's centering functionality already set for me. There were a lot of issues with this, however, and I decided to scrap that idea and create something entirely different while still using the agario template. I liked the idea of being able to move around freely as a player in his/her own painting. The trickiest part of this assignment was getting players to shoot out paint and make their mark stay relative to a bigger canvas than just a simple width and height. Although I implemented the core functions, I wish there were some more functions available. Some other ideas I had were players turning into different shapes to shoot something other than a circle, players being able to control their own paintballs (sway back and forth), etc. In terms of design issues, my canvas is based on equal roles with many people painting with many other people. It is a shared space where people can paint with their own "bodies".

Previous ideas: