A Starbucks-specific menu sculpture for improving the decision-making process on what to eat in Starbucks in an efficient and interactive way.

GIF version

Background Story:

In the AR menu, not only the default items in the bakery counter of the store will be shown, but the holiday special food will also be displayed with their name and price. Moreover, if users want to get a more detailed look of the specific item, they can enlarge them using their fingers. This project is currently a prototype demonstrating the idea. More specific research of the bakery items in different stores should be done. For Starbucks in different locations, the AR menu will get the data and display the currently available item in the specific store. In doing this project, I found models for the bakery items and made the models of the text and price in Blender. Moreover, I incorporated two scripts, one for animating the items to let them rotate and travel in circles, and one for enlarging and seeing the details.  All color and font are consistent with the current color theme and font type in Starbucks. Moreover, the specific items and their prices are also consistent with Starbucks' current market price.