Recorded Version of two people talking and exploring some visual feedbacks

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This is a dynamic chat room. The idea is that user can see the visual response of the content and words they are putting into the conversation. The font, color, position of the text, and typography all change corresponding to the content of the conversation. For example, when typing "right", the text will go towards the right edge of the chatroom. Similarly, when typing "left", the text will go toward the left edge of the chatroom. When typing "larger", the text size will increase, and when typing "smaller", the text size will decrease. Moreover, the similar idea applies to the color function in which when users type keywords of different shades of color, the color of the text will change. Other more reactions can be found when typing "bold", "child", "design", "Halloween", "scare", "scary", "fear", "essay", "report", "homework", "study", "important", "highlight", "tension", "note","technology", "computer", "coding", "computing", "round","circle", "hand", "poe", "literature", "letter", "dot", "tight", "squee", "italic", "Italic".
I always feel like text in conversation can be more fun and interesting than what it looks like now in messaging apps (all in default gray color and same size). Except for using emoji, how can text itself express anything interesting? If the text can do more, maybe we can get rid off emoji. The original idea of this project was to incorporate the basic emotions ("joy", "angry", "fear", "surprise", "disgust", and "sad") to execute the changes of type. However, this idea generalizes people's current state of feeling and have many issues with the user experience, therefore, I changed and developed the current version of the project, hoping the idea will come across with more interesting user interactions.