Curves and things

First word art is possibly most appropriately matched with the region between the Innovation Trigger and Peak of Inflated Expectations of the GHC. The technology that exists within this middle ground of the curve is fresh, innovative, –  or in Naimark’s words, “new and novel” – and on the rise of reaching the peak. As the media within this region is still novel it would not come as a surprise that people are ‘unsure of how to react to it’, and for that reason this bundle of emerging media would not be at the height of public expectations.

Last word art, on the other hand, seems to best correspond to the Slope of Enlightenment, as it is the region in which previously novel technologies have already been well-established in the society; those who are better acquainted with those technologies are able to create more interesting applications that the public still deems as innovative, but not alien.

I would say that my interests lie in the innovative end of the spectra. While I do not consider my artwork to belong to that particular side of the cycle, I am very much interested in the emerging technologies that are being developed each day because of their potential to grow into something much greater. In a sense, it could be argued that the Trough of Disillusionment is very similar to the Innovation Trigger. Despite how progress is greatly inhibited in the trough, there still exists opportunities for improvement and growth. Thus it is possible that Schulze prefers to work in this part for this very reason, in addition to the fact that it neighbors enlightenment and productivity.

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