First Word vs. Last Word

First word art is what we think of as ‘unexplored territory’; anything new that has never been seen before can be first word art. for example, modern art especially is constantly searching for uncharted territory that their art can explore and express to the world. Movements such as minimalism was sparked, in part, by this need to create something new and unseen. In contrast, last word art refers to art that focuses on improving upon or exploring an idea or form that already exists. I myself am interested in first word art. however, I feel that much more of what I actually delve into in my own art is last word art. I enjoy trying to explore concepts in order to understand them better myself and hopefully look at them from new and interesting angles. I feel that this is similar to why Schulze prefers to work in the “Trough of Disillusionment”; because these things, which have already been created, my be using technology which, if approached differently, can inspire greater inventions, art, and more. In additions, these forgotten technology are much more cheaper than others so in a sense you get more for less.

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