This is the easy to use data logging shield.  According to the description, all the parts are already assembled, so it only needs to soldered to the Arduino to function properly. For any long-term project that requires extensive data-collection, this is the shield I would use for the sake of convenience and assurance. The less I need to fiddle with the parts myself, the less likely I’ll screw everything up.


This is the thing that everyone seems interested in, and for good reason. The alternative is the video game shield kit, which feels underwhelming due to its black and white output. The variety of color available to this shield makes projects feel more dazzling yet portable. I would love to see just how powerful this shield is.

https://www.adafruit.com/products/175   wavepack_MED

This shield can be used to add an entirely new dimension to an art piece and make the experience all the richer. In terms of what we perceive in an interactive project, sound is much more subtle when compared to visual feedback. But with it, the project can feel more fulfilling and polished. For example, touching an onscreen bubble and watching it pop only is a significantly different experience from hearing the pop also.

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