For this project I went through Daniel Schiffman’s tutorial and found the section on toxiclibs really interesting. I stuck to the springs and soft body square section and decided to do a clotheshanger. The toxiclibs springs have a very interesting texture to them compared to the meshes in processing or PBox2D, and fiddling around with constants in meshes are very fun.

Anywho, the point of my projection was to have the arrow keys control the wind direction so, as people walk by, they can experience the illusion of blowing cloth. I wanted to make clothes-shaped meshes, but I had enough trouble with the soft body squares, so that didn’t happen… I also found a beautiful example of coloring meshes by shading places darker according to distance between springs, but I didn’t know how to fill in the spaces between springs individually, so that didn’t happen either… Also, this projection was on a smaller scale, so Rachel and I just pretended to blow puffs of wind or blow a hairdryer at the cloth. I did struggle with the physics quite a bit, and there are still glitches within my toxiclibs code, but overall this assignment was much more fun. This might be because of the hands-on aspect of the project or because I had fun partnering up with Rachel. I also really like working with the pico projector and arm. I want them so badly now.

Here are some extremely rough sketches:

photo (4)

photo (6)

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