arca from tony olsson

It’s a game! Looks like a co-op. I’m already intrigued by the manipulation of physical space to affect virtual space. Are there more levels, more variations? How about its gaming potential? I greatly enjoy the use of sound to give each shape a different feel. The only disappointing part about is that I can’t find other documentations–wait, look! There’s a blog! So turns out it is a two-player “game” self-described as a “full body experience which is created by interaction, communication and play within an space where computer games meet abstract electronic art, video and sound installation.” It’s true! I’m in love with it. I want to play it with my roommate as we troll each other to death. More effective documentation would’ve been nice, though; I had to dig a lot to actually find out its purpose. Other than that, I want this to be a little bigger, and the physical objects to be less ordinary to be extraordinary. Anything other than bunch of cylinders.

[in]security camera from Dennis Rosenfeld

There’s a security camera, but it’s actually not a very effective security camera. It shies away from what it’s supposed to be watching–humans–and finds the wall very interesting instead. It says some things about surveillance and almost subverts it in a non-cynical, adorable fashion. I like the message and the concept; I don’t really like the execution though, as I expected more variations in movement to give the camera more personality. Rather than insecure, it just seemed startled half the time. Take a cue from this cute little robot.

INSIDE-OUT, a sound art performance from Andre Borges

There’s something powerful about the body’s sound reverberating throughout a giant room. INSIDE-OUT is a sound art performance using a man’s body as a musical medium. As he breathes in and out, various sounds play according to the internal sounds of his body. Most prominent is his breathing; it’s a constant loop, soothing and overarching. I’d imagine it would be like you’re really inside something when you enter that room–a soundscape of the body. I feel like it could’ve been better with improvement in presentation, as the presentation doesn’t feel organic, but I do like the rawness of the performance.

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