can you not hear the words coming out of my terminal

I made some generic character sketches but none of them felt compelling, so I tried to think more about the potential of the library. Then the character started out as a non-corporeal lifeform inspired by the ones in Star Trek (namely the one in The Day of the Dove, where George Takei swings around a sword half-naked). The Beta XII-A entity in the episode fed off humanoid emotions, but I wanted to make the creature friendly instead of malicious. As I kept moving around the form with my face, it almost looked like it was real, imitating my movement as if it were a curious being, and suddenly I could see it as something within the computer. The sounds made were inspired from various digitized creature noises I’ve come across before (can’t remember exactly where).

I wanted the work to be more delayed though so that it would actually look like the thing was trying to process your movements before proceeding to copy them.  It would also be nice to have more variety of sounds for the creature and give it more personality with more degree of control. The three OSC properties of the face I used was the position, scale, and mouth height. The main degree of control was on the mouth height, because then the change was drastic. I don’t particularly like what I made, mostly because I feel like there could’ve been more variations on the creature behavior, but I like the idea behind it.

note: the audio in the video was artificially put in because of complications with capturing the internal sounds using Quicktime. It definitely works in person, as demonstrated in class.

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