Looking Outwards: Physical Hardware

So I have this camera, less than a centimeter tall…


Namely,this little thing, which captured 640 x 480 video. Image the possibilities! For less than $10, one could essentially hide the controller for a Box2D application, for example. It goes without saying that this one is completely awesome.

…and this box which recognizes your voice…

As a follow up, I would also like to nominate this voice recognition software:


Firstly, it is available in multiple languages. I always thought it would be awesome to have a software which could translate a conversation between two people in real time. Although I realize one could not do that with this particular device, which only comes with one particular language at a time, it leaves the door open for thought. Second, one can potentially image having characters controlled by a particular individual’s voice. For example, a very high voice might control a skinny, small character whereas a very low voice might control a much larger creature. (Interactive ecosystem, perhaps?)

…and the capability to use it all underwater!

LED H2O button

This little button may not look like much at first glance, but an underwater LED glowing button is definitely a step up from your average on/off switch. Coupled with some underwater housing, this could be used to create an underwater projection or a smoke projection without compromising your equipment and easily being able to see how to turn your machine on and off. For the little inexpensive piece of technology this is, I feel it would be worth it.

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