Augmented Projection

So, I knew where I wanted to do my projection: The underground. There are some fantastic-looking lamps around which I wanted to project different objects to interact with them. For example:  underground projection Underground -- SketchThese were two ideas I had. The first I was going to model using the box2D physics library to make things fall on top of/jump off the top of the lamps, and also potentially have one of the lamps as an attractor. The second I was going to model using springs, where the lamps would act as “anchors” and would radiate these lightening-like Van der Graff machine-like patterns. (Much spookier and season appropriate.)

So I started working on that. Here is the test projection I made in my dorm: test projection

This is only the first idea. It actually worked really quite well. Note that in this version I had not yet added the lower boundary which was the top of the sofas at the Underground just underneath the lamps. (I forgot about that until I got there.) Also note that in this version I am projecting the lamps onto the wall just so I can tell where they go.

Of course, the project I made was about 1m x 0.6m. The wall was considerably larger (and proportioned differently) — and the projectior failed utterly to project any kind of image at all. So I tried changing the location… which essentially meant everything I had done was invalid. i.e., not square.

So… here is a quick video where I just get one of the examples to work with another alternative surrounding I was thinking of trying to work with, since the first one didn’t work out:

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