Assignment 7 — Snow Fears a Lantern

So, an ecosystem:

I initially wanted something far more complex than this. I had wanted the viewer/user to be the creature and carry a lantern,. Of course, all we see is the lantern. The snow is meant to me repulsed by the lantern, as though it were frightened of it. I also wanted little glowing creatures to be attracted to the lantern and perhaps small woodland animals to fear the lantern and run away, but c’est la vie… there is only so much I can deal with.

Here is a video of my result. (I apologize for the low quality — my screengrabbing software can only deal with so much.) The first half shows one version where as soon as the lantern is lit the snow is repelled, the second half shows another version where it stops snowing completely when the lantern is lit (although those particles already formed off screen continue to fall until they die and are removed from the system.)

Perhaps it would be more interesting if I added an additional streetlamp… that would not be difficult.

(Snow is an ecosystem, is it not? Uuugh..)

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