Kristina — Screen cut


Since my last lasercut screen design proved to be an abysmal failure… here is the follow up.


Although it turns out there is in fact a way to flatten images like the first one I produced in Rhino 3D… I would be beyond pleased if that worked, but until then… I will lasercut one from the above selection as soon as I can figure out how to find/book/use the lasercutter.

This design is extremely simple, made by a series of small circles attracted to a central circle. In this way, I hope to see the most light come through at the center of the design.



Here is my final version of my PDF — save for having to tweak some things to get it to laser cut. The idea behind having just the barest most minimalistic way is that snow itself is minimalistic/white. Additionally, I wanted something which wouldn’t completely delete Os and Ds on the laser cutter.

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